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Rayner IOL Platform

When considering an intraocular lens, what's important to you?

Reliable refractive outcomes and a low rate of post-operative complications


Rayner's Anti-Vaulting Haptic (AVH) Technology provides

  • Excellent refractive outcomes1
  • Stable centration2
Reducing dysphotopsia by design 14
  • Rayner's Enhanced Square Edge Technology shows no general increase in glare from previous models7
  • The low refractive index (1.46) of Rayacryl®
Optimal visual quality in all lighting conditions
  • Aspheric optic technology reduces higher order aberrations when compared with spherical IOLs3,4
  • Excellent contrast sensitivity3,4 and a retained depth of field from aberration-neutral aspheric optic
Low Nd: YAG capsulotomy rates

Rayner's 360° Amon-Apple Enhanced Square Edge creates an optimum barrier to reduce epithelial cell migration including the haptic-optic junction6,15

At 12 months 0.6%
At 24 months 1.7%
  9.3 ± 5.5 months
  (range 2.6 - 22.7 months)

  Follow-up period: 5.3 – 29

Study of 3,461 patients receiving Rayner C-flex 570C IOLs over a 24 month period, Nd:YAG capsulotomy rates were extremely low6

An IOL free from vacuoles and glistenings7
  • Single piece IOLs created from Rayacryl® an homogeneous material free of microvacuoles, resulting in a glistening free IOL
  • Compressible material for delivery through a small incision
  • Excellent handling characteristics with controlled unfolding within the capsular bag
  • Low silicone oil adherence8
  • Excellent uveal biocompatibility9
  • Hydrophilic acrylic material with low inflammatory response10


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