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RaySert® PLUS


RaySert PLUS is a Rayner designed and manufactured single-use injector, for implantation of the C-flex Aspheric IOLs through a 2.2mm wound assisted clear cornea incision.

Detailed Product Information

RaySert PLUS features and Benefits

• Uniquely designed loading bay with an extension "lip" to facilitate loading.
• Soft plunger tip completely fills the nozzle and offers a soft protective interface with the IOL.
• Reduced nozzle diameter designed to allow delivery of the IOL through a 2.2mm clear corneal wound assisted mini incision, reducing surgically induced astigmatism.*
• Syringe-style design for single-handed technique for smooth IOL delivery with predictable and efficient insertion, ensuring consistent IOL implantations.
• Sterile Single-Use, ready to use. RaySert PLUS is supplied in an individual pack. Quality Rayner design for safe and reliable IOL implantations.

* Incision size is always subject to surgeons techniques and corneal elasticity.

RaySert PLUS Technical Specification

RaySert PLUS is cleared for use with the C-flex Aspheric (ref: 970C)..

Nozzle tip diameter: 1.8mm

RaySert PLUS Presentation


Product Name

Model No.


RaySert Plus

RaySert PLUS


Individually packed Sterile Single-Use injector

RaySert PLUS Regulatory, Cautions and Indications

RaySert PLUS is cleared for sale in the United States of America

CAUTION: Federal U.S law restricts this device to the sale by, or on the order of a physician.

INDICATIONS: The Rayner RaySert PLUS injector (Model RSP01) is intended to be used to compress and insert into the capsular bag only those intraocular lenses that allow the use of the injector in their approved labelling.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Apart from non-specific contraindications related to any form of ocular surgery, and in addition to the contraindications for the lens model being injected, the following contraindications must be respected:

1. Vitreous in the anterior chamber.

2. Zonular insufficiency.


ATTENTION: Reference the Instructions for Use labelling for a complete listing of Indications and precautions.

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