Ophteis® FR Pro

Ophteis® FR Pro

A unique bio-engineered OVD containing free radical scavenging sorbitol – designed to deliver a new level of corneal endothelial protection from phaco induced trauma.

Radical Thinking

Sorbitol acts as an outstanding free radical scavenger, neutralising reactive oxygen species during surgery that causes damage to the endothelium, while also reducing the risk of inflammation.

Through the carefully bio-engineered composition of NaHA and sorbitol, Ophteis FR Pro is transformed into a viscous cohesive. It is stable in the anterior chamber during phaco, providing excellent chamber maintenance and is easy to remove at the end of surgery.

In short, Ophteis FR Pro is a true all-rounder, delivering at every stage of surgery. It’s everything you would demand from an OVD – and more.

  • Ophteis FR Pro is the ONLY OVD with sorbitol free radical scavenging.
  • Ophteis FR Pro reduces cell death by an average of 27.8% when compared to market leading OVDs.*
  • Ophteis FR Pro's bio-engineered composition of NaHA and sorbitol transforms the 2% NaHA dispersive solution into aviscous cohesive.
  • A larger 1.2ml syringe gives you the confidence that Ophteis FR Pro will support all elements of your cataract procedure.
  • Unlike many OVDs, Rayner’s Ophteis FR Pro does not need to be refrigerated before use. With its stable rheology at roomtemperature you will enjoy consistent performance for every procedure.
  • FR Pro is designed to protect the endothelium, provide excellent chamber maintenance and is fully validated with all  Rayner IOL injectors.

*University of Brighton, UK, in vitro chemical and phaco free radical studies, data to be published.

Product Ophteis FR Pro
NaHA Concentration 20 mg/ml
Sorbitol Concentration 40 mg/ml
NaHA origin Biofermentation
Classification Viscous cohesive
Syringe Volume 1.2ml
Cannula Gauge 27g
Average Molecular Weight 1.8 Mda
Average Osmolarity 325 mOsm/kg
PH 6.8 to 7.4
Storage 2°C to 25°C
Product name Ophteis FR Pro
Product Code A-OPFR12
Presentation Sterile single-use syringe with 1.2ml 2.0% sodium hyaluronate solution, 4.0% sorbitol and single-use 27g injection cannula, Luer-Lock 

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