Rayone® Hydrophobic

Rayone® Hydrophobic

RayOne® Hydrophobic is our brand new aspheric monofocal lens that joins the popular high performance family of RayOne® preloaded IOL systems.

Specifically for surgeons who have a preference for hydrophobic acrylic lenses, RayOne® Hydrophobic has been designed to eliminate the compromises that they have had to put up with - until now.

Made of an ultra glistening-free proprietary material in a unique lens shape, RayOne® Hydrophobic sets a new standard for hydrophobic IOLs.


Designed to eliminate the challenges that current solutions present

RayOne® Hydrophobic has been designed so that surgeons can offer patients excellent visual outcomes whilst still being user friendly in the operating room.

Ultra stable


Our patented Cornerstone™ lens design ensures the IOL is perfectly balanced as it travels down the 1.65 mm injector nozzle. Once in the eye, Rayner’s anti-vaulting haptics lock against the unique Cornerstone™ tabs for superb stability.

During lens delivery

As hydrophobic lenses are made of a naturally stiffer material than their hydrophilic counterparts, they are typically more difficult to compress and fold inside the injector.

If the IOL is not folded symmetrically then it can exit the injector nozzle unpredictably – for example, in the undesired ‘S’ position.

Our Cornerstone™ tabs balance the volume of material on both sides of the lens – resulting in:

1. Balanced weighting inside the injector

2. Controlled haptic orientation

3. Controlled speed of exit

How it works:
Our Lock & Roll system rolls the hydrophobic lens with improved symmetry, meaning that it travels down the injector nozzle in a more stable and predictable manner, with a controlled exit into a ‘Z’ orientation.


In the eye

Combining the Cornerstone™ tabs with our anti-vaulting haptic technology creates superb stability once inside the capsular bag.

Outer haptics begin to take up the compression forces of post-operative capsule contraction
Outer haptics engage the inner haptics
Haptic tips gently meet the IOL optic and are effectively locked into position

Ultra smooth


Our engineers created the patented Lock & Roll system, which rolls the lens inside the injector for a single smooth movement into the eye with minimal force – click the ‘Injector’ tab to learn more.

Once in the eye, our hydrophobic lens unrolls smoothly at a natural speed for efficient surgery time.

Ultra glistening free


Unwilling to accept the compromises inherent in some hydrophobic lens materials, Rayner’s proprietary material is ultra glistening-free.

Glistenings are fluid-filled microvacuoles that form within the matrix of the lens when exposed to an aqueous environment1. High levels of glistenings can create disturbances for patients, with the scattering of light impacting their contrast sensitivity and unnecessarily compromising their post-surgery satisfaction.

The images below are from an independent in vitro study conducted at the University Hospital Heidelberg in Germany. They compare the RayOne® Hydrophobic with the Alcon AcrySof after glistening induction at 14x magnification.

R1: The Rayner RayOne® Hydrophobic lens appears dark with average results of 1.96 ± 3.69 MV/mm2 and a Miyata scale value of 0.
A1: The Alcon AcrySof IQ SN6OWF IOL clearly shows an increased number of glistenings, averaging 66.01 ± 19.25 MV/mm2 with a Miyata scale value of 1.

The chart below shows the test results of five IOLs of each model which were subjected to an in-vitro aging procedure designed to simulate clinical conditions over time, and evaluate the resultant level of glistenings in each IOL material. A score below one on the clinical Miyata scale will not produce any significant visible glistenings on a slit lamp examination and is considered ‘glistening-free’.

The independent study report concludes that our ultra glistening free RayOne® Hydrophobic is ‘absolutely equivalent or even superior’ to the best hydrophobic IOLs currently available on the market1.

Designed to minimise PCO


Thanks to our Amon-Apple 360° Enhanced Square Edge and its natural bioadhesivity, our hydrophobic lens is designed to minimise the risk of PCO.

Suitable for all patients


Aberration-neutral technology for visual quality and acuity in all light conditions.

Full power range


-10.0 D to +32.0 D via a 6 mm optic means one monofocal IOL solution for all your patients.

Always ready to implant


Our proprietary material is not dependent on the temperature within the operating theatre, so it arrives ready-to-use with no warming needed.

Improved performance and quality


All hydrophobic acrylic IOLs absorb water once in situ within the eye, causing expansion in size. Our lens is supplied in 0.9% saline solution so that it is in an equilibrated state and dimensionally stable from manufacture to implantation - reducing the chance of undesirable post-implant lens movement.

1.Independent in-vitro study, IOL material purity report (University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany) - data to be published

RayOne® with patented Lock & Roll™ technology for a smoother, more consistent rolling and delivery of the lens via micro incision

Easy to use, true 2-step system

  • Simple and intuitive
    • - Minimal learning curve
    • - Minimises error
  • Increase efficiencies
    • - Designed to enable repeatability
    • - Reduces operating time
  • STEP 1. Insert OVD into cartridge via port
  • STEP 2. Lock cartridge ready for implantation

Lock & Roll technology

  • Rolls the lens to under half its size before injection
    • - Consistent, smoother delivery
    • - Reduces insertion forces
  • Fully enclosed cartridge with no lens handling
    • - Reduces the risk of lens damage
    • - Minimises chance of contamination
Lens rolled

1.65 mm RayOne® nozzle

  • Smallest fully preloaded injector nozzle
    • - Ease of insertion
    • - Compatible with MICS
  • Parallel sided for minimal stretch
    • - Sub 2.2 mm wound-in delivery
    • - Maintains incision architecture

Supplied in saline

  • Special lubricious injector coating - activated when wet
  • - Smooth lens delivery
  • - Repeatable performance 
  • Equilibrated state
  • - Dimensionally stable
  • - Reduce chance of lens movement 
Model Name: RayOne® Hydrophobic Aspheric
Model Number: RAO800C
Power Range

-10.0 D to +7.0 D (1.0 D increments, inc. plano)
+8.0 D to +30.0 D (0.5 D increments)
+31.0 D to +32.0 D (1.0 D increments)

Delivery System Type: Fully preloaded IOL injection system
Incision Size: Sub 2.2 mm
Delivery System
Injector Type: Single use, fully preloaded IOL injection system
Nozzle Size: 1.65 mm
Bevel Angle: 45°
Lens Delivery: Single handed plunger
Aspheric Monofocal IOL
Material: Single piece hydrophobic acrylic
UV Light Transmission: UV absorption 10% cut-off is 385 nm
Refractive Index: 1.51
ABBE: 43
Overall Diameter: 12.5 mm
Optic Diameter: 6 mm
Optic Shape: Biconvex (positive powers), Plano, Concave (negative powers)
Asphericity: Posterior aspheric surface with aberration-neutral technology
Optic Edge Design: 360° Enhanced Square Edge
Haptic Angulation: 0°, uniplanar
Haptic Style: CornerstoneTM lens design with anti-vaulting haptic (AVH) technology
Estimated A-constant for optical biometry SRK/T 118.6
Estimated A-constant for Contact Ultrasound 118.0

Please note that the constants indicated for all Rayner lenses are estimates and are for guidance purposes only. Surgeons must always expect to personalise their own constants based on initial patient outcomes, with further personalisation as the number of eyes increases.

Not all products or offerings are approved or offered in every market and approved labelling and instructions may vary from one country to another. For country specific product information contact your local distributor or email iol_enquires@rayner.com.

This product is not approved by the FDA for use or distribution in the United States of America.

Rayner hold a selection of EC certificates for various products. Please contact the Regulatory Affairs team for the current version.

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