Rayner Event Schedule: 2018

Rayner is a regular exhibitor at the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons.

In 2018 Rayner will be exhibiting at the following Global Congresses:

Please come and visit Rayner at the following National meetings:

TOS Taiwan16-18Taipei, Taiwan
Congress Date Location
Red Sea 10-13  Saudi Arabia
Eilat 10-13 Israel
Faco Elche 2018 01-03 Elche, Spain
OSSA 01-04 South Africa
Faco Elche 2018 01-03 Elche, Spain
DGII Congress 15-17 Dresden, Germany
SAOO Swiss Academy of Ophthalmology 28 Feb - 2 Mar  Lucerne, Switzerland
Hellenic Society of Intraocular Implant & Refractive Surgery 1-3  Athens, Greece
SIMASP 1-3  Sao Paulo, Brazil
OSB (Annual conference of Ophthalmology Society Bangladesh) 14-16  Dhaka, Bangladesh
NSW Branch Meeting of RANZCO 16-17  Lovedale, Australia
NOG Meeting 21-23  Groningen Netherlands
Saudi Ophthalmological Society meeting 21-23  Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
SOS Syrian Ophthalmology Society 3-5  Syria
SFO Congress (French Society of Ophthalmology) 5-8  Paris, France
OEOG 10-12  Schladming, Austria
BRASCRS 16-19  Sao Paulo, Brazil
FSCRS (Finnish Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) 18-19  Tampere, Finland
Czech Cataract and Refractive meeting 17-19  Ostrava, Czech
The Royal College Of Ophthalmologists Annual Congress 2018 21-24  Liverpool, England
CCO 30 May-2 June  Buenos Aires, Argentina
China ASCRS 31 May-2 June  Shanghai, China
Polish Congress of Ophthalmology 7-9  Katowice, Poland
DOC Congress 14-16  Nuernberg, Germany
Turkey National Meeting 28 June -- 1st July  Turkey
Japan Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery Annual Meeting 29 June -- 1st July  Tokyo, Japan
QLD Branch Meeting of RANZCO 2-5  Gold Coast, Australia
Nordic Congress of Ophthalmology 22-25  Oslo Norway
Colombia national meeting 25-28  Colombia
Nordic Congress 29-31  Oslo, Norway
Indonesia Ophthalmology Annual Meeting  29-1 September  West Sumatra, Padang
SSO Swiss Society of Ophthalmology 30-31  Fribourg, Switzerland
CBO Brazilian National Congress 5-8  Maceio
Congreso Nacional de Oftalmología Ecuatoriano 5-8  Quito
X ALACCSA-R International Congress of the Southern Hemisphere 6  Santiago Chile
COS 12-16  Hangzhou, China
Czech Ophthalmology Congress 13-15  Prague
Indonesia Ophthalmology Annual Meeting (IOA) TBC  TBC, Indonesia
Swedish Ophthalmology Congress 8-10  Stockholm
Korean Ophthalmology Society Annual Meeting (KOS) 2-4  Seoul, Korea
VOS Vietnam 8-10 HCM City, Vietnam
Chilean Congress of Ophthalmology 12-15
28th International Congress Tehran 14-17 Tehran, Iran
TOS Taiwan 16-18 Taipei, Taiwan
50th National RANZCO Conference 17-21  Adelaide, Australia
Uruguayan National Meeting 30-Dec 1st  Montevideo, Uruguay
Indonesia ASCRS TBC  TBC