Eye Science at Rayner: Dedicated to a Robust Clinical & Training Programme for Optimum Product Support

With the help of surgeons, here’s how we fulfill this commitment:

Continuous Clinical Studies Across Our Entire Portfolio for Improved Patient Care
The Rayner Eye Science team’s fundamental drive is to improve patient care by developing programs to support scientific advances on Rayner products and to work closely with surgeons on innovative clinical science studies that address important medical and scientific questions for our expanding portfolio.
Eye Science will support the clinical requirements as Rayner continues to launch new and state of the art IOLS.
Learning from our Customers
From supporting surgeons in clinical studies, to being the primary contact for all clinical study and technical research, Eye Science will continue developing the Rayner library of clinical evidence.
Want to Work With Us?
Our Eye Science team has over 15 years’ experience in Ophthalmology and Clinical Research Management and are based in the UK and Germany. Support is available for protocol development. outcomes capture, and peer review publishing.

If you are interested in evaluating Rayner products, want to participate in our clinical studies or have any clinical or technical questions then please email the dedicated mailbox EyeScience@rayner.com

The Surgical Skills Programme

The Eye Science team co-ordinate the clinical events throughout the year. These events form part of the Surgical Skills Programme where surgeons are invited to seminars and surgical training courses held within Rayner or at National and International congresses. Guest speakers present or offer training seminars on their personal experiences and sharing pearls of knowledge to fellow surgeons who leave with new insight in Rayner products.

The following events:

Date Location / Venue Topic(s) Event
Apr-18 ASCRS Washington DC

RayOne Hydrophobic

RayOne Technology

Surgeon Presentations
Apr-18 Rayner UK Refractive Trifocal Training Seminar (German Speaking Surgeons)
May-18 SFO Paris Refractive Trifocal Live Surgery
May-18 Rayner UK Refractive Trifocal Training Seminar (Spain & Portuguese Surgeons)
Jun-18 DOC Nuremburg

Refractive Trifocal

RayOne Hydrophobic

Meet the expert, on booth training seminar
Jul-18 Rayner UK

Refractive Trifocal

RayOne Hydrophobic

Training Seminar (English Speaking Surgeons)
Sep-18 ESCRS Vienna Patient Outcome with Trifocal Optics from Rayner First Experiences with RayOne Hydrophobic Saturday 22nd: Evening Seminar
Sep-18 ESCRS Vienna Raising the bar in multifocal IOLs: The Trifocal Family Sunday 23rd Sept: Lunchtime Symposium